Frequently Asked Questions About TV Mounting

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But for your convenience we have answered the most common questions we tend to get from customers of ours. 

Why should I seek professional TV mounting services?

Your TV sets are probably one of the expensive investments you have in your house. By using professional mounters and installers, you know that  your television will be handled well and the finished installation will look perfect.

Also, our team has been doing this for more than a decade now. As such we can guide you on the proper location to install and/or mount your TV and speakers.

Precision and efficiency of work is key in this industry. By hiring  NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers to cater to your TV mounting services and home theater installation needs, you can guarantee that you will be provided excellent and professionally done work every time.  

How to select the right TV mounting service provider for you?
In choosing the right company to provide you with TV mounting service and home theater installation, you have to be mindful of a lot of factors. These are: 



This will indicate the length of years or the technical expertise of a TV mounting and home theater installation service provider.  Their technicians should be well trained and suited to perform those tasks at a high level to provide you what you need. 

NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers ascertains our drive to bring you quality mounting and Installations through our well trained and experienced team of technicians.



A service provider should not only have a deep understanding of the technical aspect of their work.  They should also clearly understand their client’s pain points and needs. 

Our passionate teams went to extensive training in learning every technical nitty-gritty of TV mounting and home theater installation. That is still aside from their years of actually doing this kind of work.



You should also choose the provider that is near you.  This may contribute to the quickness of the delivery of service. 

Do not worry, NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers will serve you anywhere you are in New York City. We also serve all nearby areas in the vicinity.   


How much do these services cost?

Aside from valuing you, we also value your budget.

The services we provide depends on the help you need. There are a lot of intricacies when it comes to TV mounting and Home Theater installation. But we offer you different plans you can choose from. 

Determine the right price for your needs. Call us at  347-305-56-03 so we can discuss how we can help you or take a look at our service pricing page. 

How long does it take to complete these services?

Your time is important. That is why we strive hard to provide you with efficient service. 

A basic TV mounting service done by our experts usually just takes around 1-2 hours. While basic Home theater installation can be around 2 to 3 hours to finish. 

Though focused to finish on the given amount of time. When our certified technicians will see some factors that can potentially lengthen the work time, we will say it immediately to you. 

Some of these factors are:  installation on brick walls, dismounting existing equipment, and patching and smoothing out the wall openings, just to name a few.  Complexities to the average workload like these can prolong the time to finish the job for around 1-2 hours more. 

Where is the best place for TV Mounting and Home Theater Installations?

NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers will provide you the guidance and knowledge in determining the suitable places to mount your TV set or install your awesome home theater system. 

Our trusted technicians can mount your TV anywhere in your house provided that it is situated where the safety of your TV device and your family can be assured. We will also make sure that the health of your back and neck is considered in indicating the right place for your TV to be mounted. 

Mounting your TV on different walls can be done given our technicians’ experience and technical know-how.  We also mount your TVs above a fireplace! 

Aside from TV mounting services, we also install epic home theater systems.  Let our experts handle the installation of your mini cinema system in the comfort of your own home.

Do I have the right space or area for a mounting or installation service?

Avail of our FREE consultation! We will discuss the things that need to be done for your TV to be properly positioned.  We will first take a look at your place and then together we will decide on the best suitable space on where your TV can be mounted. 

Oftentimes, any building made of drywall will do. But we want to be thorough on our work, that is why we highly recommend a consultation talk to determine if your home or office is suitable for wall mounting. 

The same goes for audiovisual installations for home and commercial uses. In our FREE consultation session, our trained technicians will carefully check the room or area wherein you plan to place your system. We will be checking for the fitness of the space in housing your awesome audiovisual system. 

What should I do before my TV mounting and/or home theater installation session?

Just be ready to guide us inside your residence or office and let our expert technicians do all the work.  They have been properly briefed on the details that our consultants and you have discussed from the  FREE consultation session you had together. 

How soon can you mount or install my TV or audiovisual system?

We can schedule the installation in 3 business days so we can properly prepare for the service that we will be giving you.  
If you have any more questions regarding any concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at  347-305-5603.

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