You have established your business to serve your clients and give them the services they deserve. In line with this, your communication with them is one vital aspect of your relationship.

Communication also plays an important role in empowering your employees. Your team is your most valuable asset, giving them the right directions and motivation can be detrimental to your company’s success. 

Integrating technology into your business and offices can help uplift the productivity of your team and the satisfaction of your clients. Introduction of innovative working conditions can greatly affect efficiency in tasks and services.  ​

Devices such as TV sets and Audio-Visual systems can greatly help you in communicating your message to your valuable customers and employees.

We, at NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers,  can aid you in bringing your word to them. Our trained technicians can mount and install your TV monitors and Audio-Visual systems in any kind of establishment.  

Let us provide you with innovative working environments that will suit your business or offices’ needs. Our professional technicians will expertly improve the overall look and ambiance of your commercial or workspace. 

By having properly mounted TV monitors and precisely installed audio-visual systems, you will not only have an innovative work look but you will also be delivering your message more precisely to your customers and team. 


Tv Installed In A Resto Bar

Restaurants and Sports Bars

Aside from the smells and sounds, visual stimulation also attracts your customers to eat in your restaurant. Make them look at how that juicy and irresistibly tender patty was grilled to perfection. Or how that rich icing covered those moist and soft chocolate cakes. 

Our expert technicians at NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers, know how to strategically place video screens and TV monitors inside your restaurant.  By placing these on choice places, you will surely not only captivate your clients’ palettes but also their eyes. 

We mount and install visual systems on strategic places in your restaurant, especially on your menu board.  

For sports bars, your patrons will fully enjoy that sports game with properly mounted TV screens around your bar.  

A restaurant or bar is a place where people get together, enjoy good food, and be entertained through music or televised games.  NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers will help you in giving more of these to your customers through properly installed visual systems.

Wall Mounted Tv Used For Presentation In A Meeting

Innovative Work & Business Installations

There is no generic fit when installing and mounting TV monitors and audio-visual systems in commercial spaces.  Each of your establishment and office needs a certain level and style of service that fits your culture and goals. 

NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers team of certified experts will keep your business’ identity top of mind in every work that we do for you.  


Mounted Tv Inside A Meeting Room

Conference and Board Rooms

Give your office’s board and conference rooms an uplift. An injection of technology and innovation can go a long way in boosting your team’s morale and impressing clients. 

Do not let an old and outdated office conference and boardroom hamper your fast, modern, and forward-thought initiatives and ideas. 

You and your team need the right equipment that meets your modern office’s needs.  Get an improved flow in the discussion of your meeting’s agendas with properly installed audio-visual systems.  Your team can also get a clear glimpse of your company’s goals from the projector attached to the ceiling.  

Let NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers, augment your conference and boardrooms with technology that helps you and your company’s communication capabilities improve.

Mounted Tvs Inside The Airport

Medical Clinics & Lounges

Precision is needed by medical professionals in bringing the utmost care and service to their patients.  They need the proper visual apparatus to properly assess ailments and diseases so that they can aptly cure their clients.

NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers mount visual systems that aids the performance of our medical experts.  Our experienced technicians are careful in adjusting the mounting position of these monitors for the medical practitioner’s convenience.  

We also mount TV sets in hospital and clinical lounges. Waiting in line for the doctor to check you can be stressful. That is why TV monitors are installed in lounges of hospitals and clinics to reduce the anxiousness of their clients. 

Let NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers do the work in helping you in healing your patients through precise and careful mounting of your visual systems.

Gym and Fitness Hubs

Getting hyped and motivated is an important part of a fitness buff’s day in the gym. This helps him or her pump more metal, get through that last round, or push harder for that last set. 

Fitness hubs and gyms can greatly help their customers by placing mounted visual systems around their gym. Fitness enthusiasts now can look at a game and be inspired by their sports icon to train harder, look at their favorite celebrity to run further, or learn from a cook to eat healthier. 

NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers will be your muscle.  Our professional team of installers will cleverly mount each monitor around your fitness hub so that your customers can see it properly while doing their workouts. 

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Advertising never stops, even though your customer is already inside your store. You can show your different products being used or worn by models through carefully installed visual systems all around your shop.
Let your customers see their idol wearing the dress they are looking at or their sports hero wearing the shoe they are holding. The examples can be endless.

 NYC TV Mounting & Home Theater Installers knows how to install visual systems efficiently. We will make sure that your clients will be entertained and at the same time be convinced that the products that you are offering are truly made for them. 

We cater to your commercial and business visual system and installation needs. Call us at 347-305-5603. We can not wait to discuss with you how we can be of help. 

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