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TV wall mounting is the act of positioning your television sets above the floor and on your wall, columns, or ceilings.  Your television sets are supported by brackets or “mounts” so that it will be tightly secured in a raised position on any of the said areas. 

Placing your valuable TV sets properly is no joke. Before mounting, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. At NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers, we have a team of expert technicians ready to help you.  

You will be guided by us in choosing the appropriate place to position our TV sets.  We will make sure that you will maximize your viewing experience from where your television will be mounted. 

Our TV wall mounting service is top-notch. We do not only secure your investment through your TV set, but we also make sure that we properly mount them and take care of the drywall we are mounting your TV on to. 

The benefits of TV wall mounting

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By mounting your TV, you will greatly reduce the risk of an accident involving you, your family, and your pets (if you have one).  Television sets that are placed high on an area in your wall lessens the chance of your kids or pets to come in contact with it.  Properly mounted television greatly provides safety for everybody inside your house. 

Tv Mounting With A Spirit Level

Security for your investment

Your flatscreen TV is not cheap. We know that you have invested in that and it is very valuable to you. 

Securing this financial investment of yours the right way takes a certain level of care and expertise.  By getting a TV wall mounting service, you will be assured that your TV set will be secured during handling and upon mounting.

Our professional technicians in  NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers offer the utmost care and skill in handling your precious television sets. Your investment will be properly mounted on your walls by careful hands and sharp minds.  

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Flatscreen TV sets have different sizes and dimensions. But the majority of them are lengthy and sometimes bulky. Having frames like those will take a lot of space in your home. 

By availing our tv mounting service,  NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers, trusted technicians can help you determine the best places on your home’s walls to mount your TV on.  We will make sure that the determined space will not hinder any activity and will make the usage of that space-efficient. 

One tip: before you go out to buy that dream television set, take a good look at the wall you are planning to mount that TV set on.
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Looks Fantastic!

Let’s be honest. Nothing looks better than a flush, wall-mounted TV. Any other options just looks second rate.

​Other TV mounting services:

Based on the free consultation that we will be doing together, we will advise you on the best place in your house to mount your TV on.  You do not have to worry, we specialize in any type of wall mounting work for your television sets. 

Each of our tv wall mounting service includes the following: 

  • Free thorough inspection of the chosen place to mount your TV on. 
  • Installation of the right bracket of your choice 
  • Free cord concealment and wire checking
  • Clean-up our work area

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TV Tabletop Installation

Make your television sets the main attraction in any room you place it in.

Place your TV on top of any tabletop securely. NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers will make sure that your prized TV sets are properly and safely mounted on any tabletop you want.
(work time usually takes around 30 minutes – 1 hour)

TV Ceiling Installation

This is the trickiest TV mounting service out there. But no need to worry, we got you covered.  

We will make sure that your television sets are firmly and safely mounted on any ceiling space that we find suitable. That mostly un-utilized portion in any room can now be maximized by mounting your TV sets onto it.  (work time usually takes around 1 – 1 .5 hours)

TV Fireplace Installation

Imagine, lounging on your comfortable couch with your special someone on a cold winter night, fireplace lit, while watching your favorite romantic movie. 

Having your TV set mounted on top of your fireplace brings a certain depth and functionality in your room’s aesthetics.

Though installing your TV set on top of an active fireplace can be greatly beneficial for your room’s appeal, there are a lot of things that need to be considered first before doing it. You have to think about the depth of the surface and heat output concerning the distance between your equipment and the heat source to name a few. 

Good thing we at  NYC TV Mounting & Home Theatre Installers got you covered with the prerequisites in mounting your TV on top of your fireplace.  Let our experts handle it for you. 


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